Military Silverware

We are proud of the heritage our country enjoys and this can especially be seen in the fabulous pieces of silverware this country has produced. The armed forces have a long held tradition of silverware beautifully displayed during formal mess dinners. These pieces are the pride of the regiment and will often commemorate significant events or honours.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of restoring regimental pieces to their former glory and have enjoyed the challenge of researching their history. Ottewill have also had the pleasure of manufacturing new regimental silver. Commissions have included HMS Drake at Davenport and the Princess of Wales Regiment at Woolwich.


Ottewill Silversmiths have had the pleasure of designing and manufacturing a wonderful Chalice and Paten for the Royal Engineers based at Brompton Barracks, Chatham for King’s Chapel Gibraltar. Their long association was being celebrated with this gift presented to Father Mark Jackson at the end of November. Representative of the Corps of the Royal Engineers travelled to Gibraltar for a special ceremony.

A special feature of the chalice was the use of a piece of polished Gibraltar Rock as the knop.

Gibraltar and its famous rock.

The chalice was used for a communion service and will remain with the Chapel.


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