About Ottewill Silversmiths

Manufacturing Quality Silverware since 1993

Established in 1993, Ottewill Silversmiths & Jewellers consists of an award-winning team, passionate about designing and manufacturing fine Silverware, Jewellery and Objets d’art. Our skilled craftspeople enjoy the technical challenge of pushing the barriers of possibility to create exceptional works of art for our clients.

We have been privileged to work with many world renowned companies, including the majority of London’s historic Bond Street Silver Houses and have also undertaken commissions for Meta, the famous contemporary design house, manufacturing a piece designed by Hani Rashid. We are also the chosen silversmiths for Henley Royal Regatta and have been commissioned to make a number of their trophies. We design and make our own jewellery and silverware as well as offering an extensive repair and restoration service from our workshop in Ashford, Kent.


Our experienced team source silver, gold and gems ethically, while our diamonds are all supplied by approved members of the Kimberley Process Scheme. The scheme, which regulates the international trade in rough diamonds, ensures that every diamond we sell is conflict free.

We have also now started to sell IGI certified lab grown diamonds to clients who prefer to have diamonds that have not been mined at all.

On the issue of ethical silver, wherever possible our bullion dealer uses refined silver from scrap/sweeps, which is then delivered to us in sheet, wire or anode form. Our bullion dealer carries out due diligence checks on all their raw material suppliers and wherever possible avoids using silver that is freshly mined.

Another facet of our business is in the repair and restoration of existing pieces of jewellery and silverware, meaning we are able to help extend the life of your cherished family silver and jewellery. Surely the height of sustainability!

Our Workshops

Nestled in the Kent countryside just outside Ashford and yet only 38 minutes from Kings Cross St Pancras via the High-Speed Rail Link, Ottewill have one of the largest silver workshops in the UK and are the only UK silver workshop to be granted ISO 9001:2015 certification.

We are also one of the only UK silversmiths to manufacture everything in-house, from design through to completion of the final piece. In-house processes include 3D printing models in wax, hand raising, spinning, enamelling, polishing and applying finishes such as vapour blasting, silver plating and gold plating. We have an ‘open door’ policy for our clients, so if at any point you wanted to visit our workshop to see the process or take photos or video of the process, you will always be warmly welcomed.

Our Team

Our production team consists of 2 full time designers, who cover both hand drawing and CAD design, a team of 13 silversmiths and polishers, many of whom are award winning (with one of our silversmiths and one of our polishers winning a total of 4 gold awards at the 2021 Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Awards alone), almost all are Freemen or Liverymen of the Goldsmiths’ Company, with two apprentices currently working their way towards this goal.

Companies we work with

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